Our services and offerings

Phoenix Watches offer a fantastic range of services and repair almost every watch brand. We also stock a large selection of watch straps and bracelets in-store. Our services range from battery replacement and pressure testing, to case and bracelet polishing. See below for more information about the services we offer.

Battery replacement and pressure testing

Our battery replacement service is extremely efficient due to the professional watchmakers we have on-site.

In most cases, battery replacement and pressure testing can be carried out within an hour and is accompanied by a 12-month guarantee. We also offer a free 'seal check' every 12 months, a check that's highly recommended for watches regularly used in water.

On-site servicing

We service every watch on-site at Phoenix Watches; no need to worry about your timepiece being sent away. We have accounts with every major watch manufacturer and use only genuine parts. Estimates on watches are individually determined depending on the time and work required, see below for more information.

Mechanical watches

Servicing mechanical watches involves a complete overhaul of the watch movement, any broken parts are replaced and a new mainspring is fitted. The movement is oiled and re-assembled before being rigorously tested for timekeeping.

Quartz watches

Servicing quartz watches involves either replacing the complete module of the watch and testing or, depending on the movement, completely overhauled with any parts needed being professionally replaced.

Case and bracelet refurbishing

Phoenix Watches offer a highly popular polishing service that, in most cases, can be completed within 24 hours. We professionally polish most watch cases and bracelets, returning the look of your timepiece back to its former glory. We can polish all materials including bi-colour bracelets as well as matt or gloss gold finishes.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an excellent way of removing unwanted dirt from your watch. The watch is taken out of the case and placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. We then remove any excess dirt and dry the case and bracelet before reassembling.

Light polish

A light polish involves the watch being uncased and the bracelet and case being professionally polished. The watch is then placed in the ultrasonic cleaner, dried and re-cased. Heavy scratches cannot always be removed with this process, this can only be done with a full case and bracelet refurbishment.

Full case and bracelet refurbishment

A full case and bracelet refurbishment involves the watch being uncased and professionally polishing the case and bracelet back to its original condition. Heavier scratches can be removed and the watch can be restored back to its former glory. Any scratches that are too deep may require case part replacements, these will be pointed out and costed prior to the repair.

Watch straps

We stock a large selection of watch straps and bracelets in-store. Phoenix Watches use only the finest watch straps from our manufacturers. If we don't have the watch strap you require we can order one to match your exact needs.